SyncWave System III vs. EEsystem
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SyncWave System III

System Objective

The objective of the EEsystem is to create Scalar Waves.

Scalar Waves are defined as::

  • 'Faster than Light'

  • 'Penetrate Anything'

  • 'Be Undetectable'

Scalar Waves are postulated to enhance well being.

Scalar Waves are not Electromagnetic in nature.

It is not known what Scalar Waves consist of, if they exist.

The term 'Scalar Wave' is primarily used in marketing campaigns.

The objective of the
SyncWave System III
is to create a
Synchronicity Energy Field (SyncWave Field)

The SyncWave field increases Awareness and Consciousness and facilitates unification with the Physical –increasing Mind to Matter integration.

The Synchronicity Energy field may also be perceived as creating flowing
Chi Life Energy

The Synchronicity Energy field may be used for many purposes.

  • Increasing Self Awareness

  • Unifying with the Cosmic Consciousness

  • Enhancing Mind / Body Integration

One effect of the SyncWave field is to increase the ability of the Mind to enable the Body to attain an optimal State of Health.

Chi and Synchronicity are the foundation of the Eastern Mind-Body Integration that is the basis of:

  • Eastern Medicine

  • Meditation

  • Yoga / Martial Arts

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